Findaway Voices by Spotify

Content Policy

All content policies below apply to all components of your submitted audiobook (Audio, Metadata, Cover Image, and Supplemental Materials) unless otherwise explicitly stated.

Please note that we may, in our sole discretion, make exceptions to any of these policies based on artistic, educational, historical, documentary, or scientific considerations, or where there are other substantial benefits to the public. Even if your audiobook title meets all of the above standards, all of our distribution partners have full discretion over whether they make any title available on their service.


Please ensure your content does not include any product or service advertisements. The sole exception to this is the inclusion of a reasonable reference to additional books that may be of interest to the listener (e.g. look forward to this upcoming title from this author).

Duplicate Content

Spotify limits the distribution of duplicate or materially similar content (such as multiple editions of the same book) to titles already distributed by Spotify. Additionally, Spotify does not facilitate distribution of content under master resell rights. This does not apply to the submissions of abridged/unabridged versions of the same title.

Public Domain Content

Public domain titles are permissible for distribution on Findaway Voices, but existing public domain performances may not be submitted by anyone but the original performer or organization coordinating the performance. In short, this means that you cannot submit someone else's public domain title performance (such as a performance you find at, but you may submit an original recording of a public domain title provided that title meets our asset quality guidelines.

Deceptive Content

Accurate metadata and title descriptions are crucial to making sure that listeners find content that meets their expectations. Please ensure that all submitted metadata reflects what the listener can reasonably expect to experience, including your selected BISAC/genre codes. Do not submit content replicating the same name, image, and/or description as another existing creator or otherwise pose as another person, brand, or organization in a misleading manner.

For audiobooks narrated by digital voices, Findaway Voices only accepts audiobooks created by specific partners, as listed in the website. Do not submit audiobooks performed with non-human, synthesized, or computerized performances unless they are created by a listed partner, and are clearly identified and submitted through the proper channel in the website.Additionally, do not submit content from a real and valid source that has been altered in a way that changes the meaning or context of the original media and is purported to be true, thus posing a risk of harm to the speaker or other individuals.

Do not submit content that attempts to take advantage of the end listener. This includes, but may not be limited to:
  • posting, sharing, or providing instructions on implementing malware or related malicious practices that seek to harm or gain unauthorized access to computers, networks, systems, or other technologies
  • phishing or related attempts to deceptively solicit or collect sensitive information
  • promoting investment and financial scams like get rich quick and pyramid schemes, or otherwise encouraging others to part with money under false pretenses
Lastly, do not submit content that attempts to manipulate or interfere with election-related processes. This includes, but may not be limited to:
  • misrepresentation of procedures in a civic process that could discourage or prevent participation
  • misleading content promoted to intimidate or suppress voters from participating in an election

Sample, Cover Image, and Metadata Content

Samples, Cover Images, and Metadata are held to stricter content standards due to the public nature of these listings. Please ensure that Samples, Cover Images, and Metadata are appropriate for all audiences, and do not (for example) include excessive graphic sexual imagery, excessive violent imagery, or explicit language.

Dangerous Content

Content submitted to Findaway Voices may not contain:

  • Content that advocates or glorifies serious physical harm, harassment, or abuse towards an individual or group. This includes, but may not be limited to:
    • encouraging, promoting, or glorifying suicide and self-harm (if you or someone you know is struggling or thinking about self-harm, please see here for ways to get help)
    • inciting or threatening serious physical harm or acts of violence against a specific target or specific group
    • sharing, threatening to share, or encouraging others to share someone's private information, including credit card or banking information, National Identity numbers, etc.
  • Content that promotes or supports terrorism or violent extremism. Incitement to violence or terrorism is not permitted. This includes materials that are intended to harass, or which threaten to cause (even abstractly or conditionally) serious physical injury or death to an individual or rally support to physically harm others. This also includes, but is not limited to:
    • glorifying or praising violent extremist groups or their members
    • coordinating, promoting, threatening, or praising an act of violence by or on behalf of violent extremist groups or their members
    • providing instructions or instructional materials to commit an act of violent extremism
    • soliciting an individual or group to finance, undertake an act of violent extremism, or become involved in the activities of a violent extremist group
  • Content that incites violence or hatred towards a person or group of people based on race, religion, gender identity or expression, sex, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, veteran status, age, disability or other characteristics associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization. Includes, but may not be limited to:
    • praising, supporting, or calling for violence against a person or group of people based on the characteristics listed above
    • dehumanizing statements about a person or group based on the protected characteristics listed above
    • promoting or glorifying hate groups and their associated images, and/or symbols
  • Content that promotes dangerous false or dangerous deceptive medical information that may cause offline harm or poses a direct threat to public health. Includes, but may not be limited to:
    • asserting that AIDS, COVID-19, cancer or other serious life threatening diseases are a hoax or not real
    • encouraging the consumption of bleach products to cure various illnesses and diseases
    • promoting or suggesting that vaccines approved by local health authorities are designed to cause death
    • encouraging people to purposely get infected with COVID-19 in order to build immunity to it (e.g. promoting or hosting “coronavirus parties”)
  • Content that illicitly promotes the sale of regulated or illegal goods. Includes, but may not be limited to:
    • selling illegal firearms or firearm parts
    • selling illegal drugs
    • selling endangered species or products derived from endangered species
  • Content that promotes, solicits, or facilitates child sexual abuse or exploitation. Includes, but may not be limited to:
    • visual depictions of a minor engaged in a sexual act or lascivious depictions of a nude minor
    • promoting acts of sexual abuse against a child in exchange for money
    • encouraging or promoting sexual attraction by adults towards minors
    • promoting, normalizing, or glorifying child grooming behaviors

Sensitive Content

Content submitted to Findaway Voices may not contain glorification or advocation of:

  • Violent or Disgusting Materials: Graphically violent or scatological materials.
  • Pedophilia or Age Play: Erotic content featuring minors OR consenting adults pretending to be underage.
  • Bestiality: Sexual relations between humans and "real-world" animals. Sex with fantasy creatures is allowed.
  • Rape for titillation: The primary or dominant theme of the book is rape, written in such a way to arouse the reader with the fantasy of non-consensual sexual relations.
  • Incest: Sexual relations between close biological family members.
  • Non-Consensual Sexual Slavery: Erotic depictions of BDSM-like conditions (kidnapping, imprisonment, restraint) WITHOUT clear informed consent.

Illegal Content

The law is the law. No matter who you are, it is your responsibility to comply with applicable laws and regulations. What to avoid:

  • Content that violates applicable laws and regulations, which includes, but may not be limited to:
    • content that is intended to promote or commit an illegal act of any kind
  • Content that infringes the intellectual property rights of others, which includes, but may not be limited to:
    • content provided to Findaway Voices without obtaining necessary permissions
    • content that infringes third-party copyrights or trademarks

How can I report an issue?

Seen or heard something on Findaway Voices that you believe violates Findaway Voices Content Policy or Findaway Voices User Guidelines or that infringes your intellectual property rights, or is otherwise illegal? Contact us here and provide the following information:

  • The reason why you are reporting the content. If you are alleging content to be in violation of local law, please identify a specific law or other legal basis for your report and explain why the content violates the law you have cited.
  • If possible, a link leading to the content you would like to report. A statement confirming that the information contained in your report is accurate and complete.

Note that incomplete reports may delay the processing of your report. Your contact information may be passed to the alleged responsible party in intellectual property disputes and retained as long as required for legal purposes.